We produce castings from grey, ducile and chromium cast iron 

We produce over 200,000 castings per year.

TES-Slévárna s.r.o. is a traditional manufacturer of sewer cast iron, geigers, various parts of machines, fittings, gratings, pulleys, grates, outdoor urban furniture and many other castings.


Each casting goes through a number of controlled processes. Even if we focus on precision processes and quality control, initial consultations are equally important. Based on our experience, we can recommend the best choice of material and manufacturing process. That's why the result meets your expectations.


We create precise castings based on your documentation. If in doubt, we will be happy to help you and consult on the technical solution of your future castings.


We mold castings by hand or machine into molds from natural or synthetic molding mixtures. We are able to cast products up to a weight of 3,000 kg.


We produce castings from gray, ductile and chromium cast iron. Chromium cast iron in specials variants: abrasion-proof and heat-proof cast iron.

Finishing of castings

After the castings are cooled down in the iron frames, they are processed mainly by cleaning in blasting machines and grindling. In case of the customer's request, we paint the castings with a primer.

Quality control

We make laboratory and strenght tests, spectral analysis and a number of another testing methods. Specialized staff takes care of the quality control. We care about the quality of supplied raw materials as well. More about quality.

Transportation and palletizing

We will arrange palletizing and transport of your castings to your warehouse. Our services do not end with the casting itself.

About us

TES-Slévárna s.r.o. is a traditional producer of cast iron castings in northern Bohemia based in Teplice. We supply our castings not only to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also to Germany or Poland. The foundry specializes in the production of castings from gray, ductile and chromium cast iron. The production of castings has a long tradition in our company. Our product portfolio has changed over time until today, when we produce specialized castings for more than 50 customers. More about us.

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