Materials and quality

Chromium iron cast

We produce chromium castings in heat-proof specifications GX200 Cr17 Si2, GX200 Cr26 or similar and abrasion-proof cast iron in specifications EN-JN 3049, Nihard 4 and Cr17 Mo3.

Due to its high resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion-proof cast iron is used in very difficult operating conditions, for example in crushers, blasters or mills.

Heat-proof chromium cast iron can withstand enormous temperatures. We produce this material mainly as grates for heating or power plants and for stove manufacturers.

Metallography of chromium iron cast Nihard 4
Metallography of chromium iron cast Nihard 4

Ductile iron cast

We produce ductile iron castings in specifications EN-GJS-400, EN-GJS-500 and EN-GJS-600 (DIN GGG 40-60).

Ductile iron is obtained by adding magnesium. The material acquires exceptional strength, rigidity, flexibility and long life. These excellent mechanical properties make ductile iron  material capable of withstanding extreme stresses. An example is sewer cast iron with high strength requirements for airports and roads. Then there are various machine parts or levers.

Perlitic-ferritic ductile iron cast with spheroidal graphite
Perlitic-ferritic ductile iron cast with spheroidal graphite

Grey iron cast

We produce gray cast iron castings EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200 and EN-GJL-250 (DIN GG 15-25).

Gray cast iron makes up 60 % of our production. It is a softer material, which can then be easily modified. Thanks to this, it is suitable for the production of columns, lamps, stove or machine cast iron, canals, cabinets, pulleys, etc.

Metallography of gray iron cast
Metallography of gray iron cast

Urban outdoor furniture

Urban outdoor furniture is a separate production program for specific customers. We produce urban furniture products such as lanterns, decorative parts of fences, sides of benches, waste bins, decorative stands, posts and more. Due to its composition, it is a gray cast iron with higher demands on run-in and precision of production, due to the required details on castings.

Quality control

We thoroughly control the quality of our products. We have our proven production and quality control processes. We build on the experience of our employees and proven technologies. We are not afraid of feedback and we can always resolve any initial discrepancy with the customer's expectations quickly.

During the production process, a number of key inspections take place, thanks to which our customers can rely on excellent quality. We also perform a number of measurements that serve to ensure quality:

  • We check the composition and strength of molding compounds.
  • We check the physical properties of the material, such as tensile strength.
  • We emphasize the maximum visual output and dimensional control that is taken care of by quality management staff.
  • We provide metallographic analysis.
  • We perform penetration tests
  • We can determine the exact chemical composition of key raw materials and cast iron