Production of castings up to 3,000 kg

Each casting goes through a number of controlled processes. Even if we focus on precision processes and quality control, initial consultations are equally important. Based on our experience, we can recommend the best choice of material and manufacturing process. That's why the result meets your expectations.


We create precise castings based on your documentation. If in doubt, we will be happy to help you and consult on the technical solution of your future castings.

Preparation of models and cores

We will arrange the production of custom models according to your requirements. Our cores are mainly hand made from a mixture of CT-CO2, other cores by the COL - BOX method. The surface of the cores is always treated with a protective coating.

Hand molding

We mold large and heavy castings by hand into dried molds from natural molding mixtures. During manual molding, we are able to cast products up to a weight of 3,000 kg using modular molding frames measuring 2,6x1,4x1,5 m, from which we can assemble systems for even bigger castings.

Machine molding

Smaller castings with lower weight are in most cases molded using machines and special synthetic molding compounds. In this case, we use frames with dimensions of 0,75x0,55x0,3 m and we can prepare molds for castings up to 200 kg.


We produce castings from gray, ductile and chromium cast iron. Chromium cast iron in specials variants: abrasion-proof and heat-proof cast iron.

We use the highest quality raw materials from our regular suppliers for the batch. Thanks to the technologies, we are able to adjust the composition of the batch during casting according to your requirements. In addition, for all raw materials, we check the place of origin and composition to be able to maintain the required quality.

Outdoor urban furniture

A separate production program consists of outdoor urban furniture. These are lanterns, lamps or historic lighting fixtures. Then there are tables, decorative parts of fences, sides of benches, waste bins, decorative stands, posts or other elements of urban furniture.

Finishing of castings

After the castings are cooled down in the frames, they are processed mainly by cleaning in blasting machines and grindling.

Painting of castings

In case of the customer's request, we paint the castings with a primer.

Transportation and palletizing

We will arrange palletizing and transport of your castings to your warehouse. Our services do not end with the casting itself.

Technological equipment of the foundry

The foundry molding plant is equipped with 1 machine molding line and a total of 10 Format F20, F30 and F40 machines. Then a separate workplace for manual molding in so-called raw or dry method. Next to it there is a gas oven for drying frames. The preparation of molding mixtures is in progress in the MK 400 wheel mixer with conveyor belts. These spaces are connected to workplace with cores, which is equipped with KS-12 machines for serial production of cores by injection molding.

The smelting of cast iron takes place in a large cupola furnace or in two smaller induction furnaces. After reaching the required temperature, the casting itself is performed using casting drums, ladles with a pouring spout, or using hand fans.

After the casting has cooled down, the mold is dismantled by means of a crane, basic cleaning takes place and the casting goes to the CKM 3 table blaster or to the PTB 2000 drum blaster.